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I updated my camera backpack in late 2014 to a GuraGear style bag.  I have been using the Lowepro Pro and Nature Nature Trekker AW II for 8 years.   Lowepros have the best adjustable straps and cushioned support of any camera backpack in the market.  After years of abuse, both Lowpro packs held up well but my main bag zippers went bad in my Pro Trekker and it was time for a needed upgrade.  I was checking the market and heard about the Gura Gear bags.   The biggest advantage of the Gura Gear Bataflae 32L over the Lowepro is the weight difference.   Losing  4 pounds  (Gura Gear 32L=4.2 lbs. vs Pro Trekker= 8.6 lbs.) is a huge difference in the field and for traveling.   The second advantage was the size.  The Gura Gear 32L size dimensions permit it to fit within the overheads in all size jets when traveling (even in the small RJ size jets).    This was not the case with my Pro Trekker.   The third feature I like about the Gura Gear pack is the unique butterfly access system.  The main top flaps can open on either side from the middle or as one.  Thus far, I am extremely pleased with the build quality and design of the Gura Gear bag.  The only con is the price.  If you have the desire to purchase one of these packs you can use this promo code and receive a 5% discount off any of their items:  CONGER5