My Equipment - kenconger
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The 400mm/2.8 lens is my primary lens for wildlife photography.  Chose the 400mm over the 600mm due to the fact I shoot both mammals as well as birds.  When doing bird photography I can add the 1.4x extender (makes it 560mm).  The above lens is one of Canon's L-series with an Image Stabilizer. The focusing is lightening fast and images are tack sharp.  The only cons about this lens are the cost and weight (need a Sherpa to help you carry it afield). 

Update: In 9/2011 I upgraded to the 400/2.8 version II.  This lens is approximately 4 pounds lighter.  Certainly easier to carry in the field and when traveling.  The new lens has been engineered for the ultimate in optical performance through the use of two fluorite lens elements for improved quality and reduced chromatic aberration.  The lens is certainly as sharp as the older version.