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In 2013, I purchased an upgrade (previously owned the 1540 model) Gitzo tripod 3532. I purchased the new tripod for two primary reasons. First, I wanted to reduce my field and traveling weight and this tripod is only 4.4 lbs. Although the weight was reduced, in comparison to the 1540 (39 lbs weight capacity), the weight capacity is actually larger at 55 lbs. Second, the new leg locking system is far more efficient, thus saving time in the field. The pros about this tripod is the long term build quality reputation of the Gitzo product. I have used Gitzo tripods in salt water, snow, ice, etc and so long as you rinse it off after returning from a trip, the product will last for several years. Also, the efficient field collapse and weight as mentioned, is superior to that of the 1540. The only con would be the price.